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Trey Songz-1
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Trey Songz-3
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Trey Songz-4
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Trey Songz-5
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Trey Songz-6
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Trey Songz-7
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Trey Songz-8
266 X 400
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Trey Songz-9
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Trey Songz-10
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Trey Songz-11
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COMMENTS (recent 15 of 212 total comments)
06 28 2013, 18:04
nisha tray songs would not be interested in you ,you fat s.l.a,g pantie pooing c.o.w

03 18 2013, 15:03
trey songz u can diva me in da water and let have a lot of fun.. U CAN LAY WITH ME ALL DAY LONG 247 AL DAY BABE AND WITH UR SEXY BODY AND BIG THANG

Stacey Suggs
08 10 2012, 22:33
Trey, I Am Listening To Ledesi Cd In The Morning That Cd Crank Like Like Heck Now I Am Listening To I Try.

07 17 2012, 00:58
Trey i want to tell u that ur song sex ain't better than love gave me a message that i will never showed me that if u have sex i might get pregnant or ur heart broken but if u love, that will last forever.but i can sing so am writting songs to get ready to be famous one day i truely love u

07 11 2012, 04:46
Hey i dont know if trey reads this,but there's something i want tell trey.since it is impossible to meet u i want to tell u this it is crazy but in love with u ur voice is amazing i even wrote a songz for u.trey count how many sand there are in the world thats how many times i love u.i wanna let go.

07 08 2012, 21:05

M M :)
07 08 2012, 14:40
Wow, you are dreamy I wish I could hear all that in that accent of yours. And you are on the right track. I tell you what when my school starts back during gym I will borrow someones phone and call you with my awnser. I have your number I wrote it down.

07 08 2012, 14:36
Mee mee yes u r in my heart and my soul ur in my head and my dreams xx

07 05 2012, 15:43
berry u slo

06 28 2012, 16:31
I really like your music.keep it up

01 31 2012, 09:58
i love u

01 19 2012, 12:40
trey songz is just sexy, now thats something to brag about

01 09 2012, 09:26
u are so fine and u make me scream i want to make a song about it k u should gome to our skull to sing girls will go crazy because u are so fine k

Sexy GP
12 29 2011, 05:31
Luv u trey songz just put my number in ya phone n i will be Miss Neverson 4eva

manai(aka miss tu gud)
11 17 2011, 17:00
tray songz u can brake and mess upp mhy hair and i dont want tu fill my legs ka luv u doddy

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