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09 30 2015, 01:11
text me +26774235478 im 14 and i want a girlfriend

09 25 2015, 21:28

09 24 2015, 06:38
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09 19 2015, 19:20
Hey Turkishunicorn2, you can send me a text. My number is 9109808491. I would like for you to be my girlfriend if you are 18. I'm 32 but I live in the U.S.A.

09 14 2015, 04:12
Hey garret,do you like girls with a harry cu.nt? My cu.nt is very harry. I am a hot turkish girl from Istanbul and I love to!Check out my profile on the music site last fm! My user names is Turkishunicorn2. You will ned an account on last fm to talk to me! You can also follow me!

09 13 2015, 03:43
Hey Garret!Merhaba from turkey! I am 18 years old and i am looking for a boyfriend! I live in Istanbul! Please visit my profile on last fm.

09 07 2015, 22:40
To all you girls out there, please do not shave your p.u.s.s.y., your a.s.s., your a.s.s.h.o.l.e., your armpits, or your legs. I like girls that keep it all natural.

09 05 2015, 00:14
Hey MEEMEE, please send me your naked pictures to me. My number is 9109808491.

09 02 2015, 20:13
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08 31 2015, 01:24
MEEMEE u can send me some nudes my Snapchat is olsenandrewj

08 28 2015, 23:36
Are there any hot and sexy girls on here that's wants to be my girlfriend?

08 16 2015, 20:20
I'm 32 year old guy and I want to fu ck my 17 year old sister. Can anybody help me so I can fu ck her?

08 15 2015, 22:01
hey im 14 anybody wanna bang reply within ten minutes and my parents aren't home so I wanna do this while I can

08 08 2015, 09:29
My names Liam i'm an active rugby player 16 years old hit me up if you want abbs pictures (girls only)kik GraalBigL

makaila bridges
08 08 2015, 06:06
I know a cute guy

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